IMAGO GREEN Inc. (IMG) desires to conduct its operations with highest regard for the safety of its employees and its customers.  For this reason, this Safety Program has been developed to establish procedures to assist in the prevention of accidents and injuries. Your involvement is essential to the effectiveness of our Safety Program. All safety-related policies and forms are available on line at the following website.


It is the policy of *SCI* to provide and maintain the safest and healthiest working conditions possible. The proper safety attitude of every supervisor and worker is needed.  Each employee must assume an individual responsibility for his part in the overall Safety Program.  


Accidents and injuries often happen because people are willing to take unnecessary risks in their work. Discipline is not always enough to prevent risk taking.  Safety attitude and awareness is much more effective when it is viewed by each individual as voluntary and important to his own well being.  Employees should know their limitations, and never exceed their capabilities. You are the one who benefits the most from working safely!  Thus, we all should:

A) Develop a strong personal commitment to safety
B) Act with a conscious awareness of hazard potential
C) Question unsafe acts/conditions/instructions
D) Follow Corporate safety procedures and regulations
E) Report injuries immediately to our Supervisor or Manager
(F20.004 – Accident/Injury Form)


If you discover a fire, call for help, sound the alarm and pull the nearest alarm pull station.  Then proceed to the nearest exit and reported to your assigned muster point outside of the facility.  Do not re-enter until an “all clear” has been given.


Safety is as much of the supervisor’s responsibility as is that of getting the job done efficiently.

  1. Use simple, understandable instructions and follow up to insure compliance. Personnel shall be briefed on specific job hazards, required PPE, and environmental hazards as a minimum.
  2. Track and correct all reported hazards. Operating under known hazards must be approved by leadership only after all remediation efforts have been exhausted.
  3. Do not permit new and inexperienced employees to operate equipment without proper training.
  4. Ensure that the proper tools, PPE and equipment are used for the task
  5. Monthly safety meetings, safety inspections and safety training must be completed.  The use of the monthly STEPS document is authorized to meet essential annual training obligations.
  6. Enforce the Corporations safety programs and safety rules at all times. Follow IMG Safety Accountability guidelines for all safety related disciplinary actions.



  1. Follow safety instructions, and think before they act.Think SAFETY!
  2. Use the proper personal protective equipment at all times as required.  This may include hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, respirators, gloves, fall protection equipment, etc.
  3. Work according to good safety practices, as posted, instructed, and discussed.
  4. Refrain from any unsafe act that might endanger themselves or their fellow workers.
  5. Report any unsafe situation or act to their supervisor or safety representative immediately.
  6. Follow the Corporate safety rules and procedures.


  1. Report all accidents–no matter how minor–immediately to your supervisor 
  2. Only operate equipment/tools that you are trained and authorized to operate.
  3. Federal, State, Local, customer and host nation safety standards must be complied with at all times.  When there is conflicting requirements use the standard which provides the highest level of protection.
  4. Wear proper personal protective equipment.
  5. Use all safety devices provided for your protection
  1. Proper hearing protection must be worn in all high noise areas and when working with high noise equipment. 
  2. The use of or being under the influence of drugs/alcohol on the job is strictly prohibited. 
  3. Horseplay is strictly prohibited. 
  4. Report all unsafe conditions immediately.


 In the event of an employee injury, immediately seek medical attention.  Should first aid be necessary and you are trained and authorized, utilize the first aid kits provided. To avoid direct skin contact with blood, always use gloves.  Report all injuries to supervisors immediately so they can get the needed medical assistance as soon as possible (F20.004 – Accident/Injury Form).  Follow the guidelines in the IMG Bloodborne Pathogens Program for reporting any exposure.  If injured employees need emergency care dial 911 or the emergency number for the facility you work in.


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available from your supervisor for any chemical on the jobsite.  Safety meetings and monthly STEPS documents will periodically cover the proper use of chemicals.

  • A list of all chemicals at your facility will be maintained by your supervisor or site safety representative

  • Follow warning labels/instructions. Make sure labels remain intact on all containers.

  • All employees are required to wear the specified Personal Protective Equipment as required on the MSDS.

  • Know how to use and store the chemical properly.  Use proper cleanup procedures in the event of a spill.  All spills must be reported.


  1. Position feet firmly.
  2. Squat (bend at the knees).
  3. Grasp load firmly by opposite sides.
  4. Lift with leg and arm muscles – not back muscles.
  5. Keep back straight as possible.
  6. Keep and carry load close to the body.
  7. Keep a clear field of vision over the load.
  8. To put a load down, reverse this process.
  9. Always use common sense when lifting or moving an object
  10. If the load is greater than 35 lbs/16kg. for a one person lift or 70 lbs./32kg for a two person lift you must use a mechanical aid or get additional help.
    (IMAGO GREEN Lifting Policy, 9/2008)


All equipment shall be maintained in a zero energy state while maintenance and repairs are performed.  Electrical systems shall be locked out and/or tagged out in accordance with IMG and OSHA standards. Correct NFPA 70E rated protective clothing must be used where required.


Site Leader – Is responsible for assuring the organization’s Fall Protection standard is implemented and adhered to
Program Administrator
– Is responsible for the development and implementation of the IMG Fall Protection Program.  Also approves the selection and use of all Work Positioning and Fall Arrest Systems.  

Supervisor – Is responsible for ensuring employees receive appropriate training and adhere to the organization’s Fall Protection Program.  (IMG 20.025/026 – Fall Protection)

Supervisors must perform an assessment to identify work at height that poses hazards to employees, contractors, or the general public shall be performed by a Competent Person.  

Ensure that the structure(s) are safe to climb and fixed anchor points are safe to use (will be completed by a competent person)

Supervisors must ensure that appropriate emergency procedures (to include a formal rescue plan and training, if applicable) are established, documented, and communi-cated to all affected employees, before any work at height is started.  

Employee – Is responsible for attending required training and following fall protection policies and procedures.


All employees are required to wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when required by job hazard assessment, policy or formal standard.  All PPE will be provided by the Corporation.  Upon breakage or wearing out of PPE, the Corporation will replace the PPE at no charge to the employee.  When the employee loses the PPE, then the employee will bear the expense of replacing the PPE. 

(IMG  20.040 – PPE Policy)


  • Adjust your chair to fit YOU

  • Keep hands/wrists in neutral or flat position

  • Keep forearms parallel to the floor

  • Keep feet flat on floor or on a foot rest

  • Position your monitor to minimize glare

  • Monitor height should be set at same level as the operator’s eyes or forehead

  • Use a document holder when required

  • Take breaks:

  • Eye breaks (look away from the screen)
  • Exercise breaks (hands & legs)

If you have problems adjusting your workstation, please contact your supervisor or site safety representative for assistance.


Did you know that Slips, Trips and Falls account for about 20% of all workplace injuries? What can you do to prevent yourself from becoming one of these statistics?

  • Look out for uneven or slippery surfaces

  • Move slowly and ensure adequate footing if unsure.

  • Report spills and unsafe conditions immediately


This year IMAGO GREEN Inc has implemented a Laceration Reduction Initiative at all IMG work sites and offices.  Please do your part by using a retractable blade or sheathed blade tool and wear the correct PPE whenever you perform tasks with sharps.


Contact your supervisor or site safety representative.














Manager, Corey P. Coleman, LEED® AP