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The Journey Led to Qualifications & Experience

Corey Perry Coleman, Sr. here, please allow me this opportunity to share my professional experience, through resume, list of projects proposed and the result of completed works done as an employee for industry leading firms that grew me into a business entrepreneur.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Essex County College – CADD Certification

After non acceptance into NJIT in 1998, I enrolled in ECC to earn an Associates in Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD) while working full-time as CAD Tech for Woodridge Architects, Burns and Roe, and The Louis Berger Group.
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Chapter 2: Resume

I worked in corporate America from 1998 to 2009, I spent ten years in a cubicle and the last ten years managing IMAGO GREEN, LLC. Started off drafting for architectural and engineering firms, now we have developed into an Environmental and Energy Efficiency Solutions Contractor.
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Chapter 3: Lead Supervisor/Project Planner

Developed work area and lead abatement plans for NYC MTA area subway stations and bus terminals in 2002. This experience at The Louis Berger Group led to licensure as Lead Abatement Supervisor and Project Planner (EPA)

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Chapter 4: High Sun Engineering

Solar PV Designer Training in San Francisco, California. Traveled to Fisherman’s Wharf to learn about solar system design, and was inspired to start IMAGO GREEN, LLC while sketching the original logo during training session. Also visited Opening of Academy of Science LEED Building designed by firm I was employed with at time, Syska Hennessy Group. Got to get a close look at Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatz.

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Chapter 5: Florida Solar Energy Center

Installing PV Systems was a hand-on course taught at the research center used by NASA for Solar Energy Advancement. The travel to COCO Beach Florida was a bit of refreshing excitement for Me and My wife. She got the opportunity to travel with me the weekend before training began and we enjoyed a nice couples weekend. The free meal tickets she got helped me connect with a great future client in Staten Island, NYC which would help us achieve NYC MBE certification years later.
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Chapter 6: LEED Accredited Professional

Syska had a Green Team and I was excited to be the first Designer firm-wide on the ‘Green Team’. Company newsletters emailed monthly, I could envision myself on the Green Team. Viewing the Green Team new member announcement page first, but when I passed and became a LEED AP, I was left out. That was the writing on the wall that my days in corporate america were about over. Most of my peers that earned LEED AP advanced on their jobs, for me it was IMAGO GREEN, LLC.
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Chapter 7: Letters of Recommendation

Corporate America gave me a positive send off. Then as I began building my own company the clients we served also appreciated the professional service offerings provided by IMAGO GREEN, LLC. The works we’ve done have been spoken of very positively by respected community leaders.
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Chapter 8: Qualifications

Education and Professional Experiences have paved the way for various qualifications and licenses. Licensed Contractor, WIOA Approved Training Vendor, NYC MBE, Lead Project Designer, and Previously Licensed Automobile Salesman, Real Estate Salesman, Real Estate Appraiser, Insurance Agent Life, Health, and Annuities.

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Chapter 9: Proof Pictures

My experiences are vast and in many different fields, without my passionate photography fixation there would be no way to prove my involvement with many of the projects outlined. A picture says a thousand words and can at least show you I was there. I hope someday soon the only thing left for me to prove is my ability to be your banker.

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